One-on-One Mentoring for Adults

The Circle For Change provides individual sessions and consultations for adults in order to assist their healing and personal growth journey. In an individual consultation we employ sacred listening to assess the best mix of educational tools and techniques for your healing and support. Because of our knowledge we often discuss lifestyle changes that could support your healing. We also use science-based techniques that support healing. A variety of audio materials are available, such as audio books and meditation tapes. In addition, experiential learning opportunities such as nature connections, the arts, crafting, outdoor living skills, and more are provided to help individuals gain better understanding of themselves and their abilities. We have helped a number of people heal their PTSD, work through grief and trauma, and change historical family patterning.

Mentoring for Children

The Circle for Change children’s program mirrors the adult program in many ways, however, the skill building and educational opportunities are tailored to the needs, abilities and development of each child. Nature connections and learning traditional crafts and outdoor skills play a major role in the children’s programs. We offer one-on-one mentoring, as well as multi-age groups.


A variety of specific workshops are offered throughout the year. Please see our upcoming events and calendar for more specific details.

In addition to scheduled public workshops, if you know of a group of individuals interested in a workshop topic, please contact The Circle For Change to arrange details.

Workshops are offered in the follow areas:

  • Drum making
  • Moccasin making
  • Beading
  • Skills our ancestors knew (fire-making, bow-making, etc.)
  • Indigenous medicines
  • Indigenous wisdom
  • Nature connection
  • Village and community building


Group Presentations

Shore Charnoe is available for group presentations to schools, summer camps, professional and volunteer organizations, church groups, social workers, community leaders, counsellors, heath-care workers, and others involved in individual and community change.  For information on tailoring a presentation to your group needs, contact us. Topics Shore has presented include, but are not limited to:

  • Peacemaking
  • Grief and Trauma Resolution
  • Autism, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, and Working with Special Needs
  • Mentorship models
  • Indigenous medicine practices
  • Benefits of Nature Connections for healing
  • & more
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