It is with gratitude and awe that we bring you this exciting news: The Circle for Change is on the verge of establishing a home site!

With the health of the Earth herself so clearly at stake, our vision is to establish a home in Northern Ontario, Canada where we will create a thriving community dedicated to Regenerating the Natural Circle of Connection Among All Beings.

We are in process to purchase a property that represents our ideal setting: acres of healthy forest, trails, buildings and infrastructure, all close to traditional, sacred land.  We envision being able to invite the Elders who generously mentor us to take residence with us one day. We will continue to tend and deepen our relationships with the local Anishinabek people.

For our Home Site Fundraiser, we’re so humbled and thrilled that people from many places and walks of life, all of whom believe in regenerative living and the continued transmission of indigenous traditional teachings, have already pitched in to raise nearly C$325,000!  

Like the one of the Raindrops who gather into Streams to form our Great Waters, YOU can become part of the momentum that Empowers this Vision into Reality!

Any financial amount is deeply appreciated. 

For contributions above C$1000, please contact to discuss arrangements with minimal processing fees.

For those that benefit from US tax deductions, we now have an agreement for the home site fundraiser with a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. This partner can process donations of US$10k or higher, and stock transfers are now also an option, to enhance the tax advantage even more. Reach out to to take this pathway.

Donors are invited to accept one of these beautiful gifts with our thanks!
$5,000 or higher  Granny Hook and Needle Square Quilt*
$2,500 and up     Shawl* or Beaded Vest*
$1,000 and up     Drum*
$750 and up        Drum Bag* or Medicine Bag*
$500 and up        Moccasins*, either canoe or regular
$400 and up        Knitted Merino Wool Scarf and Hat* or a piece of Artwork*
$300 and up        up to 3 months of Mindfulness Mornings with Jackie McMillan, BES: Tues. & Fri. 8-9am EST
(combining energy awareness, mindfulness, trauma-release practices)
$200 and up        Firemaking Kit*  A special set is available for Elders
$100 and up        Tree or Perennial planted at the home site in honour/in memory of your designated person
$50 and up          The Circle For Change logo: patch or decal

ALL donations will be tracked in the total on our GoFundMe, including those given directly through our website (preferred).

Contact for details & to claim your gift.  *Handmade in a traditional manner by our community members, supplies are limited. When necessary, substitutions will be made from whatever other items are available. Please note that for donations under C$1000, additional shipping charges might apply since our community members live around the world.

Also, please consider donating artwork or holding an online auction and donating the profit.  If we get many items donated, The Circle For Change will hold the online auction!

You can also: 

*Offer a loan, become a shareholder, a private member, or prepay for a program. Please contact us directly for details .

*Share our GoFundMe campaign with your contacts via email and social media, with a personalized intro about why YOU believe in The Circle For Change. 

*Call friends/family to let them know you’ve sent an invite to the GoFundMe and ask them to consider donating (ALL amounts greatly appreciated!)

*Interact with posts on our Facebook Page and Instagram  with comments and shares to improve our visibility to others

*Offer prayers that we will fund & purchase the perfect location for our new home in a good manner for all beings involved

C’chi Miigwech!

On such a home site we will have a base from which to expand our in-person and online programs into their fullest potential. 

*Wisdom Preservation Project: many Elders told us they have no one with whom they could share their stories and teachings. We organize video call recordings for them with trained storycatchers, which are transcribed and offered back to the Elder to pass on to their family and community. The Elders can choose to have these included in The Circle For Change library as well.

*Anishinabemowin Language Regeneration Project: a support program for learning and remembering this endangered language.

*Natural Health Education & Counselling: for individuals, couples, families, and communities, serving children to seniors. Rooted in natural psychology, deep nature connection and peacemaking, we work with unresolved grief and trauma, addictions, depression and anxiety, processing health, and learning differences. Additional licensed services we intend to offer: certified yoga instruction, chi gong, massage, Trager and Advanced Trauma Release, homeopathy, acupuncture and herbal medicine.

*Teaching and Mentoring Programs: For adults and children, eg. indigenous traditional knowledge, ancestral/survival/wilderness skills, deep nature connection, Coyote Mentoring, peacemaking teachings. Extended family such as those connected to The Four Worlds International Institute and Tracker Family, will be welcome to offer programs at our home site.

*Rites of Passage Programs: a crucial experience for each stage of the human lifetime.

*Circle Programs (currently online only): model and practice Connecting Circles, Consultation Circles for problem solving and unified action, and Ceremonial Circles for healing and condolence.

*At-Risk Youth Program: long- or short- term mentoring from a deep nature connection and peacemaking foundation.

*Autism Naturally Optimized & Basics to Reversing Autism Brain Inflammation: programs for families, educators, professional caregivers, and healthcare providers to optimize autistic spectrum individuals’ health, learning, and living.

*Apprenticeship Program

PS please 
contact us if you would like to learn greater details about our vision for the new home site!

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